Charlie Miano and The Southern Atelier have produced one of the best classical art programs in the country… The Atelier’s dedication to excellence and intensive instruction provides students an ideal environment to fully develop their skills. The school represents a fresh new wave of art instruction….
– RL

….There is no other school of this nature in the area. My student colleagues and I have made great strides in the understanding of and accomplishing the skills of a classical foundation in painting, the results of which becomes readily apparent to all who visit the school. It is without doubt that The Southern Atelier impacts and benefits this community
– EW

I believe that my instruction in drawing and painting has been of the highest quality, which is the direct result of Charlie Miano’s commitment to excellence in art education. It has been a lifelong dream of mine to become a professional artist; and because of the opportunity that I have had to study at the Southern Atelier, that dream is becoming a reality.
– NF

I looked for a long time for a learning opportunity such as The Southern Atelier provides. I have attended other institutes of art education. [In my] experience, the Southern Atelier is on par with Ateliers in Major American and European metropolitan citys… The Southern Atelier provides instruction in a way that most life circumstances can incorporate. I have benefited greatly from the solid foundation taught at The Southern Atelier.

You have created a space where I want to work hard and learn, surrounded by people with the kind of energy that helps make it happen for me.
– D

Just a little note of appreciation for all you do to make taking a workshop there more comfortable and friendly for out of towners like me. I’m in awe of what you have done there and can’t wait ’til the next time I can come back.
– SW

As an employee of the Southern Atelier, in capacity of portrait and figure model, I find the studio to be one of the highest in as far as standards and professionalism.
– S

Your dedication to the opportunity for the study of artistic skills and knowledge with fine masters is greatly appreciated.
– LB

I wish to thank the Southern Atelier for all the hard work they put me through; in particular, I would like to single out and thank my instructor, Charlie Miano for having been instrumental in my progress.I benefit greatly from his patience and dedication.
– LM

I have been astounded at the number of people who are moving to Florida and specifically looking for a professional classical art program… They are moving to the area specifically because they can find the specialized skills based instruction they require for a successful career in the field of fine art [at Southern Atelier]. Many professional artists including those who are nationally recognized attend classes and workshops, there is no doubt that the Southern Atelier has become a major school for the arts…
– KV