Still Life Painting with Sue Foster

Tuesday 9:30am – 12:30pm & 1 – 4pm

Wednesday 9:30am – 12:30pm & 1 – 4pm with Susan Foster

This oil painting class will equip an artist with the skills necessary to fulfill their artistic vision. In a progressive and comprehensive manner, Susan Foster will explain the nuances of her Painting technique in oil. Attention will be given to pictorial composition, accurate rendering of shapes, values and edges within the totality of the still-life arrangement.

Class Price:  

$300 for a bundle of 10 classes

$40 for a single class

About Instructor – Susan J Foster, internationally known award-winning artist, was born in

Warren, Ohio. She studied at OCA in Toronto, Ontario and with friends she
considers to be some of the finest teachers in the world. Susan has
exhibited extensively, including solo shows in Charleston, S.C. and
Sarasota, FL. She was a finalist in the world-wide competition “Blossom 2,
Art of the Flower” and has, among other prizes, won the Bowles Award for
Portraiture. Formerly an instructor at Ringling College of Art in the CCSP
program, Susan now teaches Still Life painting at the Southern Atelier in
Sarasota, Florida, where she and her husband Norm and their Cavalier,
Posy, currently reside. “Every painting offers me a fresh challenge,
something to strive to convey….perhaps a sense of space, grace,
sustenance, a texture or fragrance of something lost or something I wish to
be found, or the frailty and brevity of life on our planet. Or perhaps, a place
to come home. I never quite feel like I capture that thing, whatever it is, but
so far have been able to resist the urge to entitle paintings “No, but I like
this bit right here” or “Not Quite…Number 934”. But I love every one of them
for what they have shown me about painting, about myself and my ongoing
journey as an artist and as a teacher.”