Painting with Mary Minifie ~ Five day workshop choosing either Portrait or Still Life ~ March 21 – 25, 2016

The orange bowl MinifieWe will explore the aspects of painting a good painting whether the subject is
portrait or still life. Emphasis will be on initial composition and the process of continuing
to improve design during the painting. Center of interest , color harmony and light and
dark spotting are some of the things we will work with.
We will use natural light and study the elements that make for a classical realism,
i.e. , lost and found edges, true color notes, building from light effects, proportion and
other drawing skills.
We will discuss the things that make for a good “start” phase of the painting and
then what makes for the finishing phase. Both emphasize different aspects.
In this workshop students will choose either to work with a portrait model or a still
life, but not both. The elements are the same for both, but in the interest of producing a
finished painting there is time only for one subject.

Workshop fee: $525 plus model share

Supply List

2 stretched canvases, approx. 11×14” or 16×20”, white ground if possible, (Or canvas panels)

Oil paint, artist grade: these are suggested colors, no need to spend a fortune, bring what you have, Catherine by Minifiebut I highly suggest the first three.

Cadmium Lemon Yellow
Alizarin Crimson
Cadmium Scarlet or Red Light
Ultramarine Blue (Deep rather than Light)
Ivory Black
Permanent Green Light

Bristle brushes, filberts, preferably. Nos. 2,4,6,8,10
One or two long handle oil sable, or synthetic soft brushes that can come to a poin – not too tiny

Small sketch pad and charcoal or pencil