One Week Oil Color Seminar with Charles Miano ~ May 9-13, 2016

13023270_1105747036114657_593991094_n1 Week- Color Essentials Seminar

*Mixing Color
*Palette knife and brush techniques
*Painting the light effect: indoor and outdoor, natural and artificial
*Color theory fundamentals
*basic palettes
*Value systems
*Color schemes and Relationships
*Color study quick sketch
*Color design
*Color modeling

                                              Tuition: $425



Workshop Supply List

Drawing  Materials


pencils, eraser and a large pad of quality drawing paper (18×24) – also tracing paper or vellum

Painting   Materials

Oil Colors

(Colors are listed in the order they should appear on the palette,

from left to right, and primarily of Winsor & Newton brand)

Earth Colours:

Ivory Black

Raw Umber

Transparent Oxide Red

Venetian red (optional)

Prismatic Colours:

Quinacridone Magenta (optional)

Alizarin Crimson

Cadmium Scarlet (or bright red)

Indian Yellow

Cadmium Yellow

Cadmium Yellow Deep (Gamblin)

Viridian Hue (Winton)

Ultramarine Blue

Titanium White


Bristle brushes– variety of sizes, #2- #12.

Mongoose brushes- variety of sizes, #2- #12

Renaissance Sable- Cats Tongue, # 6 – #8

Palette and  Mediums

Large Palette

Non-glass container with lid

Walnut Oil, for cleaning brushes

*Note: turpentine, mineral spirits or any other toxic solvents prohibited in the studio*


Canvas: cotton or linen (oil-primed preferred), variety of sizes, 11îx14î – 9X12 – 12×16 – 16×20