Miano Supply List

Supply List (items are available at our academy store)

Drawing Materials

Vine Charcoal (medium size sticks): hard, medium-soft and mostly-extra soft

Willow Charcoal (medium-size sticks)

Or Nitram Charcoal: B, HB, and H

Quality Drawing Paper: 18” X 24” peel-off pad (not newsprint) Canson Mi Tientes, white or off white

Drawing Board (approximately 21”x 27”)

Clips, for drawing board


Kneaded Eraser

Hog Bristle Brushes #2, #4 (Bright),# 8 (Filbert)

Sandpaper, for sharpening

Paper Towels (preferably Viva brand)


Painting Materials

Oil Colors

{Colors are listed in the order they should appear on the palette, from left to right, and primarily of Winsor & Newton brand}

Earth Colours:

Ivory Black

Raw Umber

Transparent Oxide Red


Prismatic Colours:

Alizarin Crimson

Bright Red

Indian Yellow

Cadmium Yellow

Viridian Hue (Winton)

Ultramarine Blue

Titanium White


Bristle brushes- variety of sizes, #2- #12.
Mongoose brushes- variety of sizes, #2- #12 Renaissance Sable- Cats Tongue, # 6 – #8

Palette and Mediums

Large Palette

Non-glass container with lid

Walnut Oil, for cleaning brushes

*Note: turpentine, mineral spirits or any other toxic solvents prohibited in the studio*


Canvas: cotton or linen (oil-primed preferred),

variety of sizes, 11” x 14”  – 18” X 24”


Recommended Reading

Harold Speed: The Practice and Science of Drawing;

Oil Painting Techniques and Materials

John H. Vanderpoel: The Human Figure

Charles Bargue Drawing Course, ed. Gerald M. Ackerman

George B. Bridgman: Complete Guide to Drawing from Life