January 11-12 and Jan 19-20, 2019 Structural Portrait & Figure Drawing with Dan Thompson

Living Master Dan Thompson is known throughout the world as a leading Instructor of Life Drawing. His approachable and informative style of teaching is a joy for students of all levels who want to take their work to the next level. This foundational class will bring solidity and structure to ones figurative works through the application of clear conceptual understanding.

This workshop has been created for students of life drawing and portraiture who are motivated to enhance their seeing as they strive to better understand the human figure.  Students will experience a series of lessons, revolving around drawing the head and shoulders, from direct observation.  Using the same pose, the workshop will underscore complimentary drawing techniques that can translate observed phenomena into comprehensive surfaces, informed by structural anatomy.  As the drawings are pushed, nuances will arise from comprehending the tactile nature of organic human form.  The overall exercise is intended to better facilitate a path toward decoding the mysteries of the figure and enhance design decisions in ongoing student drawing from life.

Workshop Fee: $550 + Model fee