Full-Time Study

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Full- Time Atelier Apprenticeship

Enjoy Access to all Atelier Method Classes, Open Sessions and receive a key to the atelier for an additional 3 days of study per week under the tutelage of Charles Miano. Charles Miano will critique Apprentices once a week to ensure their project studies are progressing competently.

Artists can start at anytime once accepted as a full time atelier apprentice. Payment is made per 4 months of study, prior to program entrance. Serious artists are encouraged to apply throughout the year. Artists who intend to study for four years at the atelier, with a view to eventually teaching, receive priority. During the Application selecting process, Consideration is given to portfolio review and an artists personal goals and interests.

  • Atelier Method Classes:
    – Old Master Copy
    – Bargue/Cast- Drawing/Still Life
    – Short Pose Figure Fundamentals
    – Advanced Long Pose Portrait
    – Advanced Long Pose Figure
  • Open Studio :
    – Short Pose Portrait
    – Long Pose Figure
    – Short Pose Figure
  • Studio Key/ Additional 3- full days a week of Project work
  • Weekly critique and direction under the tutelage of Charles Miano

Tuition: $3,800 per 4- month term
Students may begin at any date throughout the year.

Email for Apprenticeship Application: Info@southernatelier.org