February:    Edward Jonas
March:         Max Ginsburg (6th – 10th)
April:            pending
May:            Miano Tuscany
Dates and details to follow soon.

Miano Supply List

Supply List (items are available at our academy store)

Drawing Materials

Vine Charcoal (medium size sticks): hard, medium-soft and mostly-extra soft

Willow Charcoal (medium-size sticks)

Or Nitram Charcoal: B, HB, and H

Quality Drawing Paper: 18” X 24” peel-off pad (not newsprint) Canson Mi Tientes, white or off white

Drawing Board (approximately 21”x 27”)

Clips, for drawing board


Kneaded Eraser

Hog Bristle Brushes #2, #4 (Bright),# 8 (Filbert)

Sandpaper, for sharpening

Paper Towels (preferably Viva brand)


Painting Materials

Oil Colors

{Colors are listed in the order they should appear on the palette, from left to right, and primarily of Winsor & Newton brand}

Earth Colours:

Ivory Black

Raw Umber

Transparent Oxide Red


Prismatic Colours:

Alizarin Crimson

Bright Red

Indian Yellow

Cadmium Yellow

Viridian Hue (Winton)

Ultramarine Blue

Titanium White


Bristle brushes- variety of sizes, #2- #12.
Mongoose brushes- variety of sizes, #2- #12 Renaissance Sable- Cats Tongue, # 6 – #8

Palette and Mediums

Large Palette

Non-glass container with lid

Walnut Oil, for cleaning brushes

*Note: turpentine, mineral spirits or any other toxic solvents prohibited in the studio*


Canvas: cotton or linen (oil-primed preferred),

variety of sizes, 11” x 14”  – 18” X 24”


Recommended Reading

Harold Speed: The Practice and Science of Drawing;

Oil Painting Techniques and Materials

John H. Vanderpoel: The Human Figure

Charles Bargue Drawing Course, ed. Gerald M. Ackerman

George B. Bridgman: Complete Guide to Drawing from Life

One-Day Alla Prima Portrait Workshop with Katherine Stone ~ September 18th, 2015 9:30am – 4:00pm


Maddie eyes closedAlla Prima is a challenging and stimulating approach to painting that will get you to step outside of your comfort zone and put your drawing and colorist skills to the test.  Like all modes of making art, there are tricks and strategies for getting beautiful flesh tones, a good likeness, and interesting paint quality.  Katherine Stone will give students a logical and straightforward system for mixing flesh tones and advice on capturing a likeness.

Workshop fee: $150 plus a $10 model share fee per session ($20 for the whole day, this can be paid on the day)

Special Instructive Session

and Meet & Greet – 5:00pm

Join us after the workshop for an exclusive
meet & greet followed by a special instructive session 
where Katherine will discuss her painting techniques.
$25 to attend (free to workshop participants).
To register and for more information contact: 
            (941) 753-7755
                                                                     For more information on Katherine and her work visit her blog at:                                            http://paintingstufftolooklikestuff.blogspot.com 

Painting the Landscape

LJ's vineyard Costanza_webMonday & Friday 9:30 – 12:30pm & 1 – 4pm with Gene Costanza

This landscape painting classes teaches students how to search for natural compositions and how they can be made into paintings. Covering the essentials of the landscape this class students will guide students in the use of value and color to create a believable feeling of light and atmosphere.

Gene Costanza

LJ's vineyard Costanza_webGene Costanza is a contemporary realist painter of traditional subject matter, focusing primarily on landscape.

Costanza orchestrates paintings that engage the viewer and invites them to enter his world. By capturing the light and atmosphere, the feel and smell, the wind and wave, he hopes to share places that mean something to him and the moments that evoke common feelings we share. One person summed it up with, “I love to watch your landscapes.” Task accomplished in that case.


Private Lessons in Drawing and Painting with Charles Miano

Private Lessons with Charles Miano

Private Lessons in Drawing and Painting with Southern Atelier Director Charles Miano  are available on request. Rates starting @ $100/hour, model fees may also apply. If interested, please contact administration to book an appointment.

En Plein Air Painting: The Essence of Landscape

November 16-18, 2012 9:30-4PM

Tuition: $395
*Supply list will be supplied upon registration and full payment.

Download a Registration Form

The Southern Atelier’s Charles Miano will illustrate a cohesive procedure designed to enhance the artists ability to understand color and light with a variety of light key studies in oil.


This workshop will focus on painting a variety of subjects including simple still life and figure/portrait wo

SA Work-Study Opportunities

Southern Atelier is committed to providing emerging artists in need with world class visual arts training. SA Work-Study grant applications are merit based and considered throughout the year. Upon portfolio review positions are open to applicants who demonstrate dedication to the studio and a strong work ethic. SA Work-Study grants provide promising students with access to the SA Core Program along with the opportunity to gain valuable work experience in both an administrative and studio setting.

For information on the program’s eligibility requirements and application submission process please contact the Program Coordinator, Jamie Golob at info@southernatelier.org