One-Day Alla Prima Portrait Workshop with Katherine Stone ~ September 18th, 2015 9:30am – 4:00pm


Maddie eyes closedAlla Prima is a challenging and stimulating approach to painting that will get you to step outside of your comfort zone and put your drawing and colorist skills to the test.  Like all modes of making art, there are tricks and strategies for getting beautiful flesh tones, a good likeness, and interesting paint quality.  Katherine Stone will give students a logical and straightforward system for mixing flesh tones and advice on capturing a likeness.

Workshop fee: $150 plus a $10 model share fee per session ($20 for the whole day, this can be paid on the day)

Special Instructive Session

and Meet & Greet – 5:00pm

Join us after the workshop for an exclusive
meet & greet followed by a special instructive session 
where Katherine will discuss her painting techniques.
$25 to attend (free to workshop participants).
To register and for more information contact: 
            (941) 753-7755
                                                                     For more information on Katherine and her work visit her blog at:                                   

Poetry of Light ~ Exploring Colour in Oils With Charles Miano – May 29th – 31st, 2015 – 9:30am – 3:30pm

outdoorstilllife (1 of 1)-2In this three day workshop students will explore the lyrical expression of  colour painting in oils. Block studies, round form studies, still-life and portrait studies are all essential ways of fully understanding the light key and grasping the intrinsic atmosphere of visual perception. Working under outdoor and indoor naturally lit conditions will allow artists to comprehend the full range in the prismatic scale and ultimately create colour studies of significant balance and harmony.

Students will learn to understand masses of colour as a property of light impacted on the retina of the eye. As tone is an element of colour, artists also learn to relate and identify the hue, intensity and the all important temperature of colours. Open palette painting also allows artists to learn to bridge colour notes and create pictorial colour vibration. Demonstrations are frequent as well as discussions and critiques as artists investigate the truth about prismatic light and colour in the natural world.

“Colour studies must be made until the colour that best expresses visual truth is evident…Paint the proper light key and nearly all things can be beautiful… Give your viewers something more than decoration. Give them something that will raise their level of vision. Let them see a new beauty through your eyes.” – Henry Hensche

Tuition: $385


The DaVinci Initiative – Drawing for Educators, June 12 -14 2015

davinci April

With Elizabeth Jenness-Burge & Charles Miano
9:30am – 4:00pm

Although appropriate for anyone wanting to increase their technical drawing skills, this weekend workshop is geared for art teachers. Participants will be introduced to a 19th century drawing curriculum known as The Charles Bargue Drawing Course. Throughout the workshop, participants will learn how to control proportion, organize values, and increase their sensitivity when drawing realistically. K-12 lesson plans will be provided so that participants can immediately integrate these skill-based drawing concepts into their current curricula.

Class fee $300

Art Workshop for Young People ~ With Elizabeth Jenness-Burge, July 20-24, 2015, 10:00am – 3:00pm

kidsclass4Join us for this week long art workshop for young people where skill and creativity come alive. Highlighting an enjoyable learning experience in the spirit and practice of the Old Masters.

The goal of this workshop is to provide skill-based learning to create a deeper understanding of the visual imagery that is all around us. At the Atelier we believe that anyone has the ability to create art,  by learning basic skills such as those implemented by Da Vinci and Michelangelo.

Each lesson will encourage a child’s creativity while asking them to analyze what they see and apply it in a variety of different exercises.

The workshop will focus on emphasizing form primarily using charcoal to establish and build upon a foundation of traditional drawing.



Topics will include:

The tools and their uses

Basic shapes from flat to form

Form in perspective

Form in light and shadow

Form in design

We will apply ourselves to drawing from flat as well as drawing from life.

The lessons will provide a great start for the beginning student, as well as enhance the drawing skills of the more advanced student.

Cost: $245 – includes all materials

Oil Painting Workshop: Still Life and Floral with Robert Johnson April 13th-17th

IMG_0166 (1)This workshop concentrates on capturing the natural beauty of floras as well as other still life subjects in oil while working directly from life. The beauty and power of fresh, undisturbed, oil paint as well as the expressive and descriptive quality of the brushstroke is stressed. The instructor demonstrates and emphasizes the direct Alla-Prima approach to oil painting. All levels welcome.

Tuition: $595

Southern Atelier Fundraiser Soiree

When: Saturday, February 7th, 2015, 4-7 PM
Location: 1741 Stanford Lane, Sarasota, FL 34231
Featuring Food, Drink and Entertainment
Special Guest Painting Demonstration By Mary Minifie
Minimum donation $25 per person


Creating Strong Light Effects and Good Color Notes in Portrait and Still Life with Mary Minifie February 9th-13th 2015

PeoniesThis five day workshop will explore the ways to build strong, glowing light effects from the very beginning of the painting process. Often a painting loses its sense of light and color by the time all of the drawing has been realized. Light effects are created by lost and found edges: areas of high contrast set in opposition to areas of similar values and less defined edges. The effect of light is also created by the variation in color intensities and temperature, i.e. warm and cool relationships. We will talk about visual order and squinting to help see these principles, regardless of the subject. The five morning sessions will be with a portrait model and the five afternoon sessions will involve a still life set up.The poses will be the same each day, so students can aim to complete two paintings by the end of the workshop, one portrait and one still life.

Tuition: $525 + Model share


Figures with Background Workshop with Lynn Sanguedolce January 16th-18th 2015

The Potting ShedAs suggested by the title of Cecilia Beaux’s autobiography, Background With Figures, this workshop focuses on painting a figure in context.  Whether painting portraits or genre pieces, by developing an understanding of pictorial composition and discovering how the elements surrounding a subject help to tell their story, the artist can create a more engaging piece. The instructor will explore how selection and arrangement of shapes, as well as being able to see and paint broadly, aid in pictorial expression and add visual interest.  Demos, lecture, PowerPoint presentation and individual critique are all involved in this comprehensive workshop.

Tuition: $425 + model share

Structural Anatomy of the Figure with Stephen Perkins – March 6th-8th 2015

100_0873The human figure is the most powerful visual image known to mankind. It is the main subject of our artworks, our movies and novels. Its forms and proportions are used in designing buildings and cars. Man is the measure of all things as they say. Landscape is our home, still life are our possessions but the human figure is who we are. We relate to this image as to no other. We admire them, worship them, fall in love with them. For an artist, there is no physical form more moving or capable of expression then this one. Nothing comes close.

For an artist, for artists over the centuries, the human figure has been the image that has been used to tell stories, evoke emotion and speak of the mysteries of life. To do this, an artist must convince the viewer that the paint, graphite, charcoal or marble that they are looking at is a human being. Without that, there is no expression. To see the beauty in the figure is not difficult, but to understand it in a deep way that allows one to express that beauty is.

There is immense complexity in the figure and all people seem somewhat different and unique as they are. That said, there is a way to learn this most magnificent form. All human beings are identical in the patterning of their forms. We are all assigned the same parts down to small details. The forms have a kind of prototypical design that all hands or ears or elbows follow. If that can be learned, if you know the forms in the ear or the nose, they you will know all ears or noses. The difference comes in the proportions and in that way each person is unique.

This class will focus on this “secret figure” as it has been called in the past. It is the accumulated understanding of the figure that artists have passed down from generation to generation. The class will work in charcoal, from a life model. Starting with the main elements of the figure, the 3 great masses of head, rib cage and pelvis, we will look at how gestures, balance and contrapposto are created. The large volumes of the figure, their plane structure and relationships will be stressed. With a general method of proceeding from large to small, the class will work on the entire figure while also pausing to examine parts in detail. The rhythmic harmonies of form will be stressed. This life giving element is the organic harmony of all living form. Life is based on rhythm and this is a physical manifestation of that force.

Michelangelo famously said that Tintoretto’s figures looked like “bags of walnuts” as his figures seemed infested with bumps of no particular pattern, size or relationship. To know the character of a kneecap, that it is a particular shape and relates to other forms in a specific way is a large part of the key to drawing the human figure beautifully. We will focus on this understanding in this 3 day workshop.

Tuition: $425 + Model share

From Drawing to Painting: An Anatomical Approach – With Robert Liberace May 11-15 9:30am – 4pm

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERASONY DSCStudy figure drawings throwinball copyThis class focuses on the development of a figure painting from drawing to  color using one long pose with a particular emphasis on anatomy. Participants will use traditional charcoals and oil paints which will lead to a complete figure painting that exploits the lustrous effects of oils. The first day will focus on a comprehensive figure drawing in charcoal which will be used as a study. The next two days will be devoted to monochrome or limited palette painting which offers the artist an efficient means to study value and paint handling while creating painting which have their own unique beauty. The final two days will be devoted to developing color through glazes and paint modeling.

Tuition: $595 + Model share

Study figure drawings throwinball copy