Mary Minifie- Classic Still Life- February 22-24, 2013


The White Vase

The White Vase, Mary Minifie, 34″ x 26″, oil
Edmund Tarbell Prize for Painting, Guild of Boston Artists

This intensive workshop will explore the most important aspects of producing a still life painting – it will run for three days with 2 three-hour sessions per day. Throughout the course students will produce at least two still lifes, one floral and one non-floral (or whatever their choosing) so as to decide what best suits their interest and skill. The aim is to have a near-finished painting, sized approximately 11″x14″ or 16″x20″, by the end of the workshop.

COMPOSITION: The still lifes will be pre-arranged in the interest of time, but before starting out we will discuss the ideas of color families, value contrasts, variety of size, color and value in the choice of objects. We will also focus on the abstraction of the value shapes and how they are arranged in the rectangle of the canvas.

COLOR NOTES: Keen emphasis will be placed on correctly observing the color notes in relation to each other at outset of the painting.

EDGES: Whether whisper-soft or razor-sharp, the workshop will help students to see and recognize them, know when and how to make use them and ways in which to create various kinds of edges.

LIGHT EFFECT: A good painting should have a strong sense of light. We will discuss the visual order that is needed to create a sense of light, the lost and foundness involved in that order, along with the practice of “squinting” to find that lostness. We will also explore color chroma, or intensity, in relation to light, and methods of understanding and managing seemingly difficult or unnamable colors.

 Students are welcome to bring other paintings for a short critique on Day Three.

 Tuition: $435


John Ebersberger “Color Perception Workshop”



October 26-28, 2012  9:30AM- 4PM 

Tuition $425 
The model fee will be split among the student*
Supply list will be supplied upon registration and full payment

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This intensive three-day workshop will help the student unlock the mysteries of color perception and its use in describing light in representational painting.  John studied with American Impressionist Henry Hensche during the last ten years of Hensche’s life.  In this workshop you will be introduced to the unique method of color study developed by Hensche and his mentor, Charles  W.Hathorne at the famed Cape School of Art in Provincetown, MA.


This approach is based on direct observation of color and light.  We will begin outside with simple forms of still life on the first day.  On the second and third day we will study the portrait and figure – learning to see, mix and paint color that creates the vibrant illusion of light.  Palette knives will be used to facilitate focusing on the main masses of color and their relationship in the painting.


“Lineage of Color Exploration”

Presented by John Ebersberger

 Thursday, October 25, 2012 – 4:00PM

Join artist John Ebersberger as he discusses the lineage of color exploration from Claude Monet to Charles Hawthorne to Henry Hensche and beyond in a special slide presentation at  Southern Atelier.
All are welcome to attend!
Admission: $10
(Please RSVP – Complimentary to those participating in the workshop)

SA Work-Study Opportunities

Southern Atelier is committed to providing emerging artists in need with world class visual arts training. SA Work-Study grant applications are merit based and considered throughout the year. Upon portfolio review positions are open to applicants who demonstrate dedication to the studio and a strong work ethic. SA Work-Study grants provide promising students with access to the SA Core Program along with the opportunity to gain valuable work experience in both an administrative and studio setting.

For information on the program’s eligibility requirements and application submission process please contact the Program Coordinator, Jamie Golob at

Charles Miano “The Artful Landscape”

Friday – Sunday

Nov 16 – Nov 18, 2012

Tuition: $425

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Landscape Painting Workshop with Charles Miano


Friday-Sunday April 13-15, 2012

Tuition: $395

*The model fee will be split among the students.
*Supply list will be supplied upon registration and full payment.

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The Southern Atelier’s Charles Miano will illustrate a cohesive procedure designed to enhance the artists ability to understand color and light with a variety of light key studies in oil.


This workshop will focus on painting a variety of subjects including simple still life and figure/portrait work. Attention will be given to the overall atmosphere and personality of various light keys including morning and afternoon natural light. Students will learn the importance of simplifying color masses and perceiving variation as they work with bith brush and palette knife. There will be regular demonstrations and critiques throughout the course. All levels are welcome.

Steven Assael “In Living Color”


December 6-9, 2012  9:30AM- 4PM

Tuition $695
The model fee will be split among the student*
Supply list will be supplied upon registration and full payment

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To address the challenges of painting color, Steven Assael explores with his students the properties and effects of light, as well as ways in which past artists have approached these all-important topics.

“Painting is essentially about building relationships, from the part to the whole. The beauty of great paintings is their inherent totality—each part is in relationship with every other part, and these relationships in turn support a larger scheme.”

Robert Johnson

Lynn Sanguedolce

Lynn was recently honored by being selected, for the second consecutive year, as a Finalist in the Portrait Society of America’s International Portrait Competition. In 2012 and 2013, her paintings each received one of the very top awards – First Honor. In a separate PSOA competition, Lynn was selected by the renowned artist Everett Raymon Kinstler to win the commission to paint a portrait of the actor James Stewart for the Players Club. Lynn was also a Finalist in the ARC International Salon and recieved an “Award of Excellence” at the Salon International in 2012. This year she served on the Faculty of the Portrait Society of America at the annual Conference held in Atlanta.