About Southern Atelier

Atelier (at-l-yey’) is a French word literally translated as “workshop”.  In English, it is used to refer to a working studio, typically an artist’s studio. It can also be used as shorthand for the Atelier Method, a style of art instruction modeled after the private art studio schools of 15th-19th century Europe.


An innovative art school, Southern Atelier is dedicated to the timeless principles of  Classically inspired Representationalism. Southern Atelier is a grass roots educational organization pursuing fine craftsmanship in the visual arts, upholding the long standing tradition of painting from nature. With a focus on drawing and painting as an understood language,  Southern Atelier provides access to sound training at an affordable cost to artists.

The Natural beauty, luminous light and subtropical climate on the Gulf Coast of Florida has proved to be an ideal setting. Painters have the unique opportunity to improve their skills all year long, both out of doors and in our spacious, naturally lit studio.

“Charlie Miano and Southern Atelier has produced one of the best classical art programs in the country. Modeled after the great schools of the past, but mixed with a distinctly modern sensibility, Miano has fashioned a classical school for the 21st century. The Atelier’s dedication to excellence and intensive instruction provides students an ideal environment to fully develop their artistic skills. The school represents a fresh new wave of art instruction and it is a pleasure for me to be part of it.” – Robert Liberace

“Charlie Miano is a visionary. He is building a school for his community with a passion that is rare, and a generosity for his students that is even more scarce. With his skills, Charlie is tapping into a vitality within the community of students. He is building a comprehensive program with expertise, practice and deep understanding. Charlie is helping to reawaken interest in the fundamental visual arts, the appreciation of aesthetic beauty, and the quality of vision by transcending craftsmanship.
Southern Atelier is emerging as a premier institution for higher learning, atelier training, and the reestablishment of legitimacy in studying from direct observation, working from life.  It is the kind of school that we all should embrace. ” – Dan Thompson

The Southern Atelier is part of an ever growing International “Atelier” artistic movement dedicated to promoting classical principles in contemporary art. The Atelier’s primary intention is to provide a high level of artistic education in Realist drawing and painting at an affordable cost to artists. The Southern Atelier emphasizes the application of Old Master craftsmanship, and the study of the Sun’s illumination of  nature in the subtropical climate of  Florida’s Gulf Coast.